Ace of Diamond 1x20


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The second half of the Seido, Shuuhoku match begins with Tanba unveiling his fork ball. Combined with his fastball and his curve ball Seido seems to have a new found sense of confidence. As Tanba comes to bat however, Shuuhoku's pitcher loses control of one pitch and forces an emergency cancellation of the game and leads to something that could ruin Seido's season. As the players are feeling depressed, the summer tournament bracket is revealed. In order to play Inashiro Industrial, Seido will have to make it to the Tokyo Final. Sawamura is told to get better with his control and also told he'll debut when the time is right. Additional training is given to Sawamura and Furuya while some of the seniors are forced to start pitching training to help motivate them and prepare them should 3 pitchers not be enough.
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