Ace of Diamond 1x24

Precision Machine

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The match between Seido and Puplic Murata East ends with Seido getting another called game, 10-0 after 5 innings. Seido sticks around to watch the next game and sees Akikawa Academy's Shunshin Yeung and his clockwork control. Yeung pitches mostly to the outside corners, and his rotation of the spots makes it hard for batters to predict where it will be. Seido begins planning immediately to combat it. Scouts and magazine writers head to Seido to watch Furuya pitch. However Miyuki realizes Furuya's body isn't used to Tokyo's heat after coming down from Hakkiado and limits him to 10 pitches. Everyone that sticks around gets to watch Sawamura work o nhis inside control with Kanmemaru in the batting circle. The next day the reporters head to Akikawa where they are shocked to see Yeung is th epitcher for the practice sessions. They also see the pitching machine turned up full throttle so Akikawa's players can get used to seeing the speed with their eyes, even if they can't hit it.
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