Ace of Diamond 1x35


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Furuya comes up to bat in the 7-spot and hits a solo homerun to make it 4-1 in the top of the 3rd. In the bottom of the third inning Coach Katoka decides to make his move and bring in Sawamura while Furuya moves out to left field. At first Sawamura pitches the ball straight down the middle, but a throwback from Miyuki makes Sawamura remember it is a team game and not a one-on-one contest. Sawamura is able to trick Raichi and get him behind with some outside pitches into a 1-2 count. Finally Sawamura unleashes his 4-seam fastball to the inside and gets Raichi to pop out. As Seido comes to bat in the top of the fourth a double from the captain gives them a 5-1 lead. Seeing that they can't fall behind any more, Raizou calls for a pitches change and brings in Sanada.
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