Ace of Diamond 1x36

The Ace Takes the Mound

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Sanada comes on and reveals he has a dangerous cutter, shutting down Seido's batting strength. Chris tries to figure out why Sanada isn't being used from the start of games. Ichidai players continue to slowly join in and are shocked to see that Seido has shut down Yakusi so far and leads 5-1. Tanba starts warming up in the 5th inning in the bullpen, giving Seido an additional threat. Yakusi's batters are unable to figure out the timing of Sawamura's pitch. Seeing no other choice, Raizou recommends they each get two strikes to get used to the speed of his pitch before swinging. The #8 man gets on base. Then the #9 batter calls for a bunt, the first bunt Yakusi has made in the tournament. Raichi now comes up for his third at bat. A homerun will make it 5-3 and could ruin Seido's momentum. People in the stands begin to wonder if Sawamura will be switched out. As Raichi comes to bat, a mysterious foot comes out of the dugout. Is Sawamura's day over?
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