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Sawamura is given the role of pitching one more inning. After two outside pitches to Raichi, Sawamura finds himself up in the count. Miyuki calls for a high, inside four-seam fastball to get Raichi out, but Raichi sends it out of the park and cuts the lead down to 5-3. After walking the next two batters, Sawamura is pulled from the game. Yakusi's batters manage to connect Kawakami's pitches and score one more run. However a dramatic catch by Masuko leads to a dramatic double play and Seido gets out of the inning with a 5-4 lead. Sanada is ased to continue on through the end game to give Yakusi a fighting chance. In the bullpen Tanba continues to warmup, and Miyauchi thinks to himself that it is the best Tanba has pitched since getting back.
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