Bakuman 2x18

Complaint and Roar

  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
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Miura gets worried when he hears the positive reactions about the "newbie" manga artist who drew the storyboard for MONEY's. Takagi and Mashiro find out that Aiko Iwase is the story writer, fueling their competitive feelings. Aiko pays Takagi a visit, asking him to acknowledge her if she ends up being more popular, which he promises but only talent wise. He tells her he and Miyoshi are engaged. The committee finds out about Niizuma being the artist for MONEY's but can't deny its quality. In the end Hirameki Tanto-kun finally gets serialized but Niizuma's new manga +Natural does so as well. Takagi also gets invited to Miyoshi's house regarding her parents approval for their marriage. As Team Fukuda hears about Niizuma's double serialization they have a meeting with a short interruptance of Iwase. When they visit Niizuma and ask him why he took up the job of the second manga, Niizuma declares he draws because he wants to and no one is allowed to whine about it until they make a better manga, reverting to his normal self afterwards.
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