My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom 1x10

The Moment of My Doom Arrived... Part 1

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Mimicking the judgement event from the game where she is subjicated for her crimes, Catarina is accused of bullying Maria, but Maria and the others vouch for her innocence (and slightly insulting her). Although Catarina is relieved that she has evaded a major doom flag, Maria goes missing after investigating a dark aura coming off the instigators. Three days later, Geordo discovers that the list of "evidence" the instigators used against Catarina wasn’t actually written by them, and that they themselves have no memory of why they accused her. He suspects that they were being manipulated by dark magic, with Maria’s ability to detect it leading to her capture. Recalling what she remembered about a hidden character from the game who possessed dark magic, Catarina soon realizes that the true culprit is student council president Sirius Dieke, who declares his hatred towards Catarina and puts her into a slumber with his dark magic.
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