My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom 1x12

The Final Event Has Begun...

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Sirius, whose real name is revealed to be Raphael Walt, explains how Marchioness Dieke, mother of the real Sirius who was sick, had a mage kill his mother to acquire dark magic and transfer Sirius' memories into his body, before murdering him to keep him quiet. Gaining dark magic alongside Sirius' memories while retaining his own, Raphael swore to get revenge on the one who killed his mother. Reminded of his mother's kindness thanks to Catarina's help, Raphael learns that the true dark magic was the mage that possessed him following his death and finally manages to drive him out. Afterwards, Raphael leaves the school to atone for his sins while Marchioness Dieke is brought to justice. At the 2nd year graduation party, the setting of the final event of the game where Maria is supposed to confess to one of the romance interests, Catarina finds herself greeted with what she believes to be a friendship ending, remaining oblivious that she's actually the focus of a reverse harem ending.
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